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Forms and Policies

Welcome to the Australian Virtus Institute webpage on forms and policies! We understand that college can be overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to navigating the administrative processes. This page is designed to provide you with important information on all the forms and policies that are relevant to your college experience.

Our policies are described in the student handbook, which you should read prior to applying to study with Australian Virtus Institute.

For your convenience, we have listed the main individual policies that international students should be aware of and comply with.

We understand that forms and policies can seem overwhelming, but our college is committed to providing you with the support and resources you need to navigate these processes. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us for assistance.



            International Student Enrolment Procedure                                              AVI Prospectus


              Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy                                            Fees and Refunds Policy



            Engagement Prior to Enrolment Policy                                                        


            Request for release                                                                                       



            Application Form-International                                                                  Change of details form


            Internal Course Transfer Application Form                                                Application for withdrawal form



            Request for Extension or Payment Instalment form                                  Complaints and Appeals form 


            Application for leave of absence form                                                       Credit application form

            Application for deferral form.                                                                       Application for refund form


Other useful information

































The information collected on these forms is purely for the purpose of assessing your request for your request made through a specific form. Australian Virtus Institute collects and uses information in accordance with the Institute’s Privacy Policy.


            ESOS Framework Factsheet                                                              


             AVI Calendar 2023                              



             Creating USI-factsheet-student-information


             AVI Student Handbook



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