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Australian Virtus Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 45858, CRICOS code: 04023E). We pride ourselves not only in fostering academic excellence, but also in making our students’ educational experiences satisfying, such that students will fondly remember their time at AVI for the rest of their lives. Whether you are looking at starting a new career, furthering your skills in your current field of employment, or needing to upgrade your knowledge, AVI can assist you.

​AVI's training programs address the required skills and knowledge demanded by industry which increases the employability of our students. Our strong links to industry enables us to tailor our training programs to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the community.


About AVI

Why Study at AVI?

Our courses are recognised for their hands-on approach to skills training, with built-in internships and work placements to enhance your employability and career prospects. You can learn industry-relevant skills in on-the-job roles, and in some instances, even start earning while you’re still learning.

Our small class sizes and personalised approach give you greater access to a quality education, boosting your skills along the way. Our teachers are experienced professionals passionate about your industry, and your learning – because they know that one day soon, you can become one of the people helping to change your industry for the better.

AVI Policies

Australian Virtus Institute pursues a strong quality assurance, compliance, consumer protection and student support ethos to deliver learning programmes for those with tailored or specific needs who might otherwise miss out.

AVI will ensure it will:

  • Fully inform potential and current students about its training products and services for individuals to be equipped to make informed decisions;

  • Assist students to choose a VET course that is suitable and appropriate for their needs;

  • Ensure student enrolment processes are tailored to specifics of particular courses to ensure that students understand course requirements and enjoy a quality training experience;

  • Provide a professional, fair and timely complaints and appeals process for general and course-related complaints;

  • Guarantee completion of training services in accordance with compliance requirements for VET training, our refunds, withdrawals and fees policies;

  • Maintain appropriate insurances including public liability insurance;

  • Maintain and manage compliance with other legislation that protects our students and stakeholders by creating a positive learning environment that is safe, secure and lawful including for health and safety, protection against harassment, bullying, discrimination and victimisation and the right to privacy and other safeguards;

  • Maintain information and policy updates about how our students are protected as consumers.

Students also have the right to raise concerns or make a complaint to regulatory and contractual bodies including Training NSW, NSW Fair Trading, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the NSW Ombudsman.

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